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Echidna and audiobooksradio powering through winter

At audiobooksradio we are developing the best of collaborations within the publishing sector. The aim is to ensure our authors and publishers are provided with options for best quality, and most reliable service providers at any point of their author journey.

And this past month, audiobooksradio kept the winter winds at bay by visiting our partner Echidna Audio at their newly-established studio within Sydney’s prestigious Powerhouse Museum. Marty Gallagher, head producer of Echidna Audio, is also our chief audio engineer, and our agreement is that he keeps the quality of our audio productions at the highest possible level. He is training and building a team of audio people to ensure every single book gets the attention and quality it deserves.

A lot of our work happens in the ether – Covid cemented that little habit in – but having a real live meeting room, and real live quality sound booth, is very exciting. And all with a panoramic glassed-in view of the Powerhouse below us.

Located next to the Echidna Audio studio is independent broadcaster Fbi Radio. One of Sydney’s most beloved radio stations, FBi Radio champions Australian and Sydney music, art and culture. The station provides a platform for emerging voices – which is music to our ears!

We love that one of the first audiobooks books we will be producing in the new space is the non-fiction work: The Psychology of Plants, by Dr Terence McCullen.

The timing to produce this audiobook seems especially serendipitous seeing as the Powerhouse is about to host the country’s leading public science program – the Sydney Science Festival in August.

audiobooksradio is excited by festival's premise which enables a mainstream audience to engage with – often complex – scientific concepts. It's the same with us. We are fellow writers; we are about enabling writers get their stories heard, and enabling a wide audience to engage with stories they would otherwise not hear.

We have developed and streamlined a process, working with authors to place their books and manuscripts on international audiobook platforms; we take on all of the complicated and technical work.

We are a company informed by writers and creatives, born within the broadcast industry.

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