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How do you go from files on your computer to an audiobook that will be heard by listeners all over the world? Distribution is the important final step of the audiobook production process. 


Distribution can be a complex process, depending on where you are in the world. In Australia, you do need to have a contract with a third party distributor to be able to upload your audiobook around the world. 


  • We have no monetary relationship with any distributor, so we can give you objective information about the pros and cons of each distributor available in your region. (Your contract with your distributor is entirely independent to any contract with us, and typically involves royalties)

  • Every distributor has requirements and preferences about how to name and order your files, as well as file length. We can prepare your files to meet those standards. 

  • Our team can upload your files to your chosen distributor on your behalf. 

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Great Stories The Needed to Be Heard

Bob Anderson, co-author of the Clancy of the Outback children’s book series came to us with some beautifully narrated audio files, but were stuck on the distribution process. We checked all the files, provided advice on the distribution choices, dealt with the nomenclature and ordering of the files accordingly, and uploaded the files. These charming audiobooks appeared swiftly onto sales platforms. After 12 months taken to produce and waiting on how to distribute, Bob and his co-authors were thrilled for their lovely Australian series to be out in the world. 

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