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Imagine what your book would sound like in audio! Below we give you a taste of what went on behind the scenes of some of our major productions, and a little taste of what each sounds like! For us, every book has its own unique journey. Each production  is like a theatrical play - where we give you editorial choices and an immersion into the transforming of your book from the page to the ether - where it has another texture, and another life, and new unexplored listeners/readers.


Senior Stories

Volume 9

What an adventure this was (we have worked on this project for three years in a row - Vol 7 and 8) - a fabulous government project to enshrine and honour the stories of our elders in the community). In practical terms though we worked with over 30 narrators in 25 different languages - so that all community members can have access to the stories worldwide. And for the first time last year - we uploaded the audiobook to Audible/Spotify. And our team attends the launch at Parliament House!

Audiobook Maria Issaris


By Albert Gormley
Narrated by Samantha Russell

Russell and his family live under tight armed security in a hidden valley, controlled by their wealthy father who is determined to keep them from the world outside. Although over-indulged, Russell's life of ease is a form of imprisonment.
Unlike his siblings, Russell questions the reality of his home, longing for freedom and fulfilment. So when an unexpected source offers him a chance to escape, Russell must choose between luxury and seclusion or freedom and reality. With only limited knowledge of what lies beyond the valley.

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AoFH Audiobook cover v2-min.jpg

The Art of Frugal Hedonism

By Adam Grubb & Annie Raser-Rowland
Narrated by Alice Ansara

The Art of Frugal Hedonism - a witty and intelligent work - and a cult classic (over 35,000 copes sold worldwide!) so we were all onboard! The highly respected actor Alice Ansara (stage and film) - fit the sessions for recording this work while working in Brisbane on a new Stan series. And the authors lived in two different states and time zones! The authors are now inserting their own sound effects - working to the budget they have at hand - fabulous!
Let's stay you could save money, inoculate yourself against many of the ills of modern life, live more lightly on the earth, and enjoy everything more on both the sensual and profound levels. Preposterous!

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The Balance Theory

By Natasha Piccolo
Narrated By Sarah Armanious

Piccolo is your coach and guide on the exploration of The Balance Theory—an entirely channelled work on the depths of universal wisdom and how it all points back to the importance of balance.

From natural cycles and body systems, to life, death, adversity, relationships, and everything in between, The Balance Theory asks you to perceive everything that has ever existed as moving energy—with peace and harmony the only true goal.

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The Balance Theory audiobook cover-min.png
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don't cry-min.jpeg

Don't Cry, Dance

By Nina Angelo 
Narrated by Narrated By Alice Ansara, Maria Issaris, Lex Marinos

Don't Cry, Dance is a memoir spanning four generations - through war, horror and loss, to peace, calm and love - from Auschwitz-Birkenow to Paris, London, Athens and ultimately to Sydney, Australia.
Janka was a Polish Jewish girl, and Alberto, a Spanish Greek Jewish man. This tale reveals how love and hearts of kindness came out of the horrors of the concentration camps.
In 1949, they came to Australia, bringing two cultures, 13 languages and their toddler Nina, to forge a new beginning. These two people would never have met and fallen in love, if they hadn’t survived the attempted extermination of a race in the death chambers of Europe. They knew and taught their children, that we cannot move on without forgiveness.

Spotify Production
Audible Audiobook
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The Bowman Standard

By Scott Wilson
Narrated by Samuel Johnson

From 2012 to 2028, this raucous globe-spinning romp considers prospects and pitfalls for three countries crucial to the electric age. China, the USA and Australia compete, cooperate and mark their success with a common scoring system - The Bowman Standard - to determine new spheres of power.
Super-forecasters examine events across political, economics, culture, security and the environment, to maximise Bowman Standard scores, at the behest of the world's most influential advisors: Mr Wang, a Chinese Communist Party apparatchik with a demanding boss, Tiffany St. James, a do-gooding American heiress, and Hope Peterman, a management consultant briefed to preserve the wealth of her client, an elite cabal secretly ruling Australia.
Factual and funny, this book will appeal to listeners who like a broad perspective on recent history, current affairs and our near future.

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AHYF audiobook cover-min.png
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Accept How You Feel

By Dr Karen Graham
Narrated by Christina PErcival



This book explains what good emotional management really means. With unique clinical insights and a holistic framework, understand the way the mind-body works and how finding balance helps you to manage hard feelings.

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Our Tom

By J. E. Gaulton
Narrated by David Ault

Set during the First World War, Our Tom is the story of Thomas Middleton, who upon hearing of the sinking of the Lusitania, enlists. What he discovers is that the welcome world of men and the regime of military life is not everything. And amid the turmoil of war he meets a fiery young nurse called Ella. On the eve of the third battle for Gaza, Tom and Ella are torn apart by rigid rules and a hidden secret.

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Audible Production
Our Tom audiobook cover-min.jpg
Spotify Audiobook Production Company
Your Body is the Portal to Your Soul Cover-min.jpg
Spotify Audiobook Production Company

Your Body is the Portal to Your Soul

By Iris Angellys

In Your Body Is the Portal to Your Soul, Iris Angellys provides the simple steps to allow you to develop a loving, respectful and reverent relationship with your body. You will understand the different sensations your body uses to communicate with you, and how to live in alignment with your body’s guidance in order for you to live your life to its fullest potential. This book is filled with lived experiences, wisdom, practices, interviews, inspirational quotes and poetry to gently guide you home to your self.

Audiobook Production Company


By James Beckingham
Narrated by Yasmin Hingun

A centuries old battle is about to erupt, and the future of all the races rests upon the most unlikely people in the Empire.

Aerik is a slave, his life surrounded by squalor and death. By day he works in the fields, at night takes solace in a secret slave bar, entertaining his friends and helping them escape the grim reality of life. When the Drakes destroy all he holds dear, Aerik is left with a burning desire for revenge...

Honoured SongForger Kelkh Ironbound is one of the rare few Drakes gifted with the ForgeSong, a magic that allows him to create weapons of immense power. He encounters Annah, a human outcast shunned by her own people.

Audiobook Production
Songforge audiobook cover-min.png
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Teamership audiobook cover-min.png
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By Keegan Luiters

We are on multiple teams because modern organisations need to operate as dynamic networks of teams to keep up with a rate of change that is outpacing their hierarchical structures that rely on rigid policies and procedures. Operating as a dynamic network of teams is a pathway to a more agile, dynamic and connected way of working.
For most of us, teamwork on multiple teams feels like a lot of work and not much team, draining us of energy, attention, and time.
Teamership gives you the tools to make multiple teams work. It exposes what has been hiding in plain sight - that our assumptions about how work gets done in modern organisations needs to shift.

Audiobook Production Company

Mastering Hard Conversations

Mark Rosenberg

Managing conflict is a core capability for today's leaders. In this book, Mark Rosenberg draws on his extensive experience as an executive coach and mediator to provide leaders with insights and practical tools to improve communication and master hard conversations.

Mastering Hard Conversations_cover PR_square_2400px-min.jpg
Audible Audiobook
BGU Audiobook cover-min.png

Black, Gay & Underage

Born on the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean, Wil Roach grew up as a gay black boy in frosty London, learning by degrees about cultural and sexual diversity.

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Mind What You Think

By Dr Karen Gaye Graham
Narrated by Andrew Bukenya

RESILIENCE STARTS HERE. FINDING BALANCE IN YOUR MIND is how to get peace fast and mentally stronger. You can control your mind.

Learn why stress happens and why you need to work with your whole mind. Discover how to find balance to get more peace or gain confidence instantly—because there will be no resistance in your mind.

A new stress management approach easy to put into practice immediately. You can free yourself from negative thoughts and unblock your potential. Your subconscious mind will agree.

You can change your life by making little changes to the way you think.

Audible Production
MWYT audiobook cover-min.png
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The Olympus Project Cover-min.png

The Olympus Project

By Zoe Routh
Narrated by Christina Percival 

The future. Climate change has rendered much of the world desolate. Crops are failing. Rising seas have flooded coastal communities. The earth is dying, and humanity careens toward extinction.

Enter the Olympus Project—a plan to colonise the moon, building on the fledgling Artemis base, led by three of humankind’s best and brightest: Troy Bruin, Xavier Consus, and Xanthe Waters.

But even the best and brightest can fall prey to humanity’s failing. Soon Xavier, Troy, and Xanthe are at war—with the arduous process of creating a new home on a hostile moon, with meddling corporations jockeying for control, with the new recruits battling for open positions on their team…and with themselves.

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Lillian's Eden

By Cheryl Adam
Narrated by Caroline L. George

Cheryl Adam's Lillian's Eden takes the reader on a journey through rural post-war life in the midst of a family attempting to survive on a pittance. Lillian is confronted by her impecunious, philandering and violent husband but agrees to move from the farm that she has built up from scratch to the coastal town of Eden to look after Aunt Maggie. Aunt Maggie is a wonderfully drawn eccentric character but Lillian has to work out just how to make this relationship work. Cheryl Adam's novel reminds us of Ruth Park and Kylie Tennant with its raw richness.

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Lilliens Eden Audiobook
Spotify Audiobook

Whole Hearted

By Terri Connellan
Narrated by Christina Percival

A wise mix of memoir, practical strategies and positive self-leadership resources for women going through major change in their lives. Wholehearted: Self-leadership for women in transition is a personal recount of one woman's journey about shifting from being a long-term government employee towards enjoying a richer, more self-directed and creative life as an inspirational life coach.

When author, Terri Connellan, realises she no longer aligns with the organisation where she has worked for thirty years, she turns her back on a successful career and searches for a different, more purposeful life. Wholehearted unveils this transition journey and path to shaping a more fulfilling, creative and values driven life through low and high moments and life altering decision making.

Audible Audiobook
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