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Narration and Recording

One of the primary factors that audiobook listeners consider when choosing their next listen is whether or not they like the voice. The importance of choosing a skilled voice performer for your audiobook cannot be overstated!


  • With over 200 performers on our call-out lists and a wide reach into the performing community (including a multitude of languages and myriad accents), we can help find the perfect performer for any book. 

  • Coming from artistic backgrounds ourselves, we honour our performers highly. We work to maintain a great reputation with them. Almost every audition call-out reaps about 10-30 auditions that are based on a piece of your manuscript.

  • We will take you through the process of identifying the perfect voice for your book and carry out an audition call-out. You then can choose from a short-list of well-suited performers.

  • Meet the person who will voice your book in a facilitated Zoom meeting. 

  • We can provide you with a template contract for you to use which is approved by agents, industrial relations legal, and the performing sector, in general.

  • Have a performer in mind that is in the public eye? We have dealt with many reputable agents, and are well equipped to negotiate


One Take Wonder

Albert Gormley wanted his epic saga, Russell, narrated by a strong but vulnerable sounding voice, and he was open to male, female or non-binary sounding voices, which made our audition field very wide. Albert knew that the fabulous Sam Russell was perfect for the story as soon as he heard her audition (the fact that her name is the same as the books hero is sheer coincidence!). Sam rehearsed the whole book prior to recording and, according to our audio engineer, was able to narrate in each session in virtually one take!

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