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The reasons for producing your book in audio - making an audiobook version - are compelling! (See our 'The Why' section for facts and figures!)

But how do you go about it? There are stringent standards for production of an audiobook. It has taken several years for us to develop a system to help authors get their work on the world audio stage.

Below are the steps required - everything from pre-production issues, voicing, studio requirements, and distribution. We have helped over 400 authors get their work onto Spotify, Audible, Kobo and the many other sales platforms. We can take your manuscript and carry out the whole  production - or help at any stage of your self-production project.

Step 1 -  Preparing your print / digital book for the audio experience

Most books are written for 'reading' - eyes on page. The first thing to do to prepare your manuscript for audio - is to examine which elements need adjusting so that the print version is 'audio-friendly'. Some sentences require re-framing so that they make sense in sound. And then there are issues such as references, quotes, poems, italics, diagrams, guidelines, lists etc. We have dealt with them all!

Produce an Audiobook

Step 2 - Finding a Narrator

Audiobook buyers make their choice based on two critical features of an audiobook - the price and the sound of the narrator.

So if you have your book prepared for audio, you will want to find the perfect voice. We have a swift but very engaging process for finding the right person for you.


Step 3 - Self Narration

So, you have decided to narrate your own book! We have helped many authors self-narrate. Regardless of your expertise or equipment, we can ensure that your recording conditions are right on target for the production of a high quality audiobook. Read more on how we can help.

Audiobook Production Companies

Step 4 - The Studio and Audio Engineering

If you look up the sound quality requirements for an audiobook, they are pretty stringent! Getting the right studio and editing your audio in a way that does not impede the smoothness of a recording is vital. We have a dedicated studio in Sydney but have also worked with many studios around Australia. Find out more.

Audiobook Production

Step 5 - Distribution of Your
Completed Audiobook

One of the most important and testing parts of the process is the upload and distribution of your fully produced audiobook! In Australia - a third party distributor is necessary to ensure your book reaches every part of the world on the most popular sales platforms (Audible, Spotify, Kobo, Google, Apple etc). Here's how we go about working with you…

Audiobook Narration

Audiobook Consultation

Audiobook production is not for the faint-hearted! But it is an exciting adventure - a transformation of your book from being static on the page to being fully enjoyed by a wider range of people than would ever pick up your book to read. Plus, a good audiobook can stimulate sales of the other versions of your book.

Audiobook Production Company

If you don't know where to start - or need help with a specific stage of your production  - book a general consultation with us!

As creatives, working with authors and publishers through the whole process is what we do best! In many cases it is more cost-effective, too. Here is what we provide:

Find the Perfect Performer

Full audition call-out to our performing community which is now 200 performers strong. This call-out also gets advertised in performing social media circuits in order to find the perfect voice. We will present you with 5 of the strongest auditions most closely fitting your voice/tone/style description. We usually get between 15 and 30 auditions in response, using script chosen from your book. The chosen narrator will be introduced to you via Zoom 

Manuscript Preparation

Facility for you to provide 'stage' directions for the narrator - chapter descriptions describing the main aim for that chapter - and also allow for pronunciation and tone issues to be dealt with. The Chapter Description forms are prepared for you to pre-fill and are made available to the narrator and our audio engineer.

Recording and Mastering

Mastering of all recordings and engineering of all the files comprising your work.

You Have the Final Sign Off

We have a system which allows you to listen to the first mastered draft of each section and be able to easily note 'pick-ups' - that is, any mistakes or glitches in the narration - or changes you decide to make. 

Prepare for Distribution

Uploading to major international audiobook sales platforms with your preferred distributor who aggregates your royalties. We aim for swift upload (the earliest has been 2 weeks but Audible can take up to 4-6 weeks). There are about 12 global sales platforms and include Spotify, GoogleBooks, AppleBooks, Kobo etc.

No Hidden Costs

As discussed, we take no royalties, there are no ongoing costs from us. Your copyright remains your own.

Publication Ready

We we can provide you with an ISBN for your audio book version, plus a re-configuring of the book cover which has different specifications for audiobook versions. 

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