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The technical standards for audiobook production are some of the highest in the sound world. In order for your files to meet the quality required, both by audiobook upload platforms and by increasingly sound-savvy consumers, mastering and engineering are a critical part of audiobook production. 

We have uploaded over a million words for over 400 authors - all at the optimum level for acceptance to all distributors and sales platforms (eg Audible, Kobo, GooglePlay, Spotify, Applebooks etc).

  • If you are coming to us with existing audio files, we can consult as to whether they are at the standard required by audiobook sales platforms and distributors. 

  • If the files are good enough, we can master the raw files to the degree required for upload. 

  • Some projects require a cross-check between the audio files and print versions. Our team can complete this when necessary. 


Taking Care of Precious Stories

With narrators sending in files from several different studios - and text by a hundred authors and in multiple languages - Senior’s Stories Volume 9 (as well as 7 and 8!) put the mettle of our Sound Engineer Martin Gallagher from Echidna Audio to the test. Supported by Project Managers who maintained close records, Martin and his team made sure that the sound of these stories was consistent and more than up to standard for distribution on all platforms. When we attended the launch at NSW Parliament House, many senior authors and their family members expressed their appreciation for the ability to listen to these stories in audio format and share them with loved ones around the world. 

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