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We are a team of professionals who all come to audiobooks with creative backgrounds. As artists ourselves, we love collaboration and will always treat your book with respect.

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Maria Issaris


Hello and welcome to audiobooksradio!

Which was born like this:

        I was producing a radio program on new writers (2RPH New Voices - now a podcast on Spotify), and founded/organised a weekly writer’s group showcasing stories from talented emerging writers (the Inner West Writers Group - which now has a membership of well over 800). And I was the Vice President of a major community radio station in Sydney (2RPH) which had a mission to read written material on radio! My research showed that audiobooks were the greatest growing segment of the publishing sector - I'm talking double digit growth over the past 12 years. Yet indie published and self-published authors had virtually no access to quality production of their 

         Audiobooks, a story told to you in words that hits your ears, its the original form of storytelling. Audiobooks, I mulled, how difficult could it be? It was plenty difficult, and plenty wonderful.

        So here we are. We want authors to be proud of their work, to distribute globally, for listeners to have a profound experience when listening to your audiobook. We have developed cost-effective, absolutely high quality audiobook production services for small publishers and individual authors. We want books to be disseminated on global platforms. We don't take royalties. We don’t charge ongoing fees. But we do celebrate your work and promote you and your work using all our channels and connections. 

        And we love it!

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Cristin Kelly

Project Manager

Cristin is the most senior and experienced of the Project Management Team.  Cristin joined audiobooksradio in 2022. She helps to coordinate schedules and all of the "moving pieces" that ensure each audiobook is exactly right and ready for distribution. She has long collaborated with authors, previously working as a Dramaturg/Literary Manager (MFA in Dramaturgy & Theatre Criticism/ BFA in Arts Management/ Cert III in Library and Information Services). She also writes about children and the arts. If you are on Zoom with Cristin, you may notice that her accent gives away that she is originally from the United States, having moved to Sydney in 2010. 

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Martin Gallagher

Chief Studio Engineer

Marty is our Chief Audio Engineer oversighting all the audio files that get produced and filed. The Narrators have called him a magician! I know - he looks like a baby, but he is whip-clever at sound, meticulous, a perfectionist, and annoyingly good-humoured. All the time.

Dylan Butler

Consultant / Voice Artist / Writer

Consultant, voice artist, writer and champion performance poet
Project Manager at audiobooks producer audiobooksradio
Founder of the Inner West Speculative Fiction Writers Group


Lorretta Jessop

Product Manager / Writer

Lorretta is  one of the most insightful 'readers/listeners' of the written word I have met! And she writes like a dream. A compassionate optimist, creative mind, covert cafe polygamist and reformed pen pusher. She admires the ibis, prefers the kids' table to sitting with adults, and sees life as a wonderful adventure.

She is interested in narrative that explores place and belonging, especially suburban identities and themes of social justice and power relations. Putting the magnifying glass on what it is to live in Sydney, she has set herself the task of writing her first novel, Phoney. Inspired by J.D.Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, it charts the course of an alienated millennial woman in the city over several days, unpacking different perspectives around who and what is seen to belong in the economic powerhouse of the nation.

Susan Mimram


Susan designed our logo! Plus she is a beautiful writer,  an author and so very talented that she is now creating marketing clips for upload.


She is  a Sydney graphic designer with a passion for writing and is a member of the Inner West Writer’s Group and well into the second.- having finished one novel. She believe whether it be pictures, words or spoken, the telling of a good story is a gift to be shared. 

She says, ' I am excited to be a part of audiobooksradio, a platform enabling all those talented, storytellers to showcase their work and reveal their hidden gems.’ Her motto is "don’t die dreaming about it." Die knowing you gave it a ‘red hot go’"

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Lisa Creffield


Lisa is a colleague and fellow literary supporter - a self-publishing guru who spreads impartial and good information on writing. Lisa founded the SelfPub website - a free resource for all writers, providing collective knowedge and experiences in independent authorship:  on


Lisa Creffield is an experienced business and technology writer and videographer, who has pioneered online video and written content for two decades. As well as assisting other authors with both the literary and technical sides of writing and publication, Lisa has published several novels under pen names. Lisa is Managing Editor of futurism-focused site Break The Future and has an MA in English Language & Literature from The University of Oxford. She is also also a director of the Virtual Centre for Late Antiquity, a not-for-profit organisation established to promote research and understanding of late antiquity.

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