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Maria Issaris


Hello and welcome to audiobooksradio......

....which was born like this.

        I was producing a radio program, and running a weekly writer’s group showcasing stories from talented emerging writers. So few of us had the opportunity to be heard and read. My research showed that audiobooks were the greatest growing segment of the publishing sector - I'm talking double digit growth over the past 12 years.

         Audiobooks, a story told to you in words that hits your ears, its the original form of storytelling. Audiobooks, I mulled, how difficult could it be? It was plenty difficult, and plenty wonderful.

        So here we are. We want listeners to have a profound experience when listening to audiobooks. We developed cost-effective, absolutely high quality, global standard audiobook production for small publishers and individual authors. We want books to be disseminated on global platforms. We don't take royalties. audiobookradio uploads and cross‑promotes, but does not collect royalties, nor charge ongoing fees.

        And we love it!

ABR1 Transparent.png
ABR1 Transparent.png


Each of our narrators is carefully auditioned and selected. The process of turning a book into an audio-production is like a theatrical production and the performers like to meet and talk over the characters with you, the author. Its a unique process that will engage you and allow you to love your book even more.

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