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Kylie Attwell, Author

I secretly dreamed of turning my work into an audiobook but I wasn’t certain how well a workbook would translate to audio. Not only did Maria’s team convince me it was possible, they took care of the all production details - transcript development, selecting the perfect narrator, sound engineering and sourcing a global distributor. Collaborating on this project was inspiring and fulfilling. The biggest surprise? I expected to cringe when listening my work read aloud. Instead, I was eager to hear more. Narrator, Alice Ansara, brought my workbook to life. It was a very proud moment.

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Caroline George, Narrator

Being part of the I Can See Clearly Now team as the narrator has been an unforgettable adventure! I was honoured to be chosen by Colleen and gain her trust to share her inspiring story. Maria, at the helm, was always there to provide guidance and encouragement, through all the twists and turns that recording during an unprecedented pandemic could take! And all the way, Marty has been sprinkling his sound engineering magic to ensure we’re Audible-worthy. We all had very different roles to play however, came together seamlessly. The dream team :)

Colleen Ashby, Author

When I embarked upon my journey of getting my book, I Can See Clearly Now, recorded for audio (which wasn’t of an easy task at all!) I didn’t know where to start. Maria, the Head of Audiobooksradio, has been an absolute dream to work with, right from the beginning. Maria explained everything in full and very thoroughly and I felt absolutely confident that this was the path to take. The whole process has been open and upfront. It was great choosing actors for audition, and the conversations I had about how I felt about the different actors. Having zoom meetings with Marty the audio technician along with the actor that I chose with Maria, has been a very inclusive process - and one in which I felt I had overriding control of how things were to unfold to best express my story in audio. The whole process has been very quick and professional, and I would highly recommend

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Wil Roach, Author

Thank you, Maria, Marty & the rest of the audiobooksradio team. What a fantastic experience. If you're thinking of self- narrating your own book, then I'd strongly  recommend that you do it

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Terri Connellan, Author

Thank you so much to you and your team for everything. It has been a fabulous learning and creative experience and I have appreciated the skill and support of you and your team throughout the process.
The result is one I am so very proud of ......Christina (our narrator) has been a delight to work with and the finished product is so textured and layered, just like the book itself, so I'm very happy with the result and process,

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Christina Percival, Narrator

As always, it has been a pleasure working on this project with Audiobooksradio, I'm so glad Terri has liked it! I have learned still more from the recording process, and also have enjoyed implementing some of the tools that Terri suggested in her book, particularly taking note of all my loves and my body of work, on my own journey.  

Mark Rosenberg, Author

Maria and the audiobooks team made the whole audiobook process easy. Super transparent, clear instructions and extremely responsive and supportive. I was apprehensive about self narrating but found it a fabulous (though challenging) experience. I’m very happy with the end result.

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Peter Taylor, Manager
Department of Communities and Justice

The annual Seniors' Stories competition is a project we are proud of and believe is important for the greater community - enshrining stories of our elders by our elders. The decision to make it available as an audiobook means that we have been able to provide greater access and availability of these stories to the greater community - including family members overseas. The feedback we have received for this initiative has been overwhelmingly positive. 


Audiobooksradio have been a pleasure to work with on out Seniors Stories books. They are responsive, flexible and we always end up with a great product.”

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