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Self-narration can be a good choice for your audiobook, especially if you are someone with previous recording experience or you are used to delivering speeches. We can consult on whether self-narration may be a good option for you.

Whether you want to self-narrate - or you have a narrator at hand, but you don't have a studio - we can help.

Sydney based 

  • We can provide a centrally based studio in Haymarket that is calibrated perfectly for audiobook production. The beauty of that is that you can work with a trained audio-engineer who will edit as you record.

  • Our team will help you divide up your manuscript in the chunks that will work with your availability and your capacity as a performer.

  • Some authors choose to come to Sydney for a few days to produce their book, using all our human and studio facilities. It can work out to be a time-efficient and exciting way to complete the project.

  • We can help you source a suitable studio in your community. Our team can remotely test the equipment with your attendance there, and even audio-edit with us accompanying you (or your performer) via zoom. 

What if you aren't in Sydney? We have solutions for that

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A Busy Professional

Keegan Luiters is an author, speaker, coach and facilitator, so he - and we - were confident in his performance voice. He smashed out the recordings of his book on team performance, Teamership. Keegan and our team worked together to fit in the recordings between his work taking him overseas and away for days at a time. Both sides were disciplined, and the final result is an audiobook that perfectly captures Keegan’s knowledge, style and personality. An audiobook version of his business book now reaches many more potential listeners - especially, many fellow busy professionals, who can benefit from the information in Teamership.

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