See this serene picture of our elegant narrator, Rowena Robinson below? She is in her sound booth in Denmark, WA last month, finishing off the last of 48 recordings for the Anthology Unfolding Journeys. We were having a chat (I am based in Sydney,) and I mentioned the fires in her State. Were they anywhere near her, I asked? 'O yes,' she said, 'we have been ordered to evacuate, but I just wanted to finish these files before leaving….’

Rest assured that she did escape the flames, but honestly, that type of gumption and focus says a lot about the type of passion which our narrators have for the stories they perform for our authors and publishers. Each book is like a theatrical production - and like all theatrical productions there is as much drama behind the scenes as there is in front of the audience.

A common theme we discuss at our production company is the fact that it is impossible to read and perform a manuscript without becoming deeply involved in what it is trying to say. We love to connect with the authors whom we see as the ‘directors’.

‘It was an honour and privilege to be part of bringing these stories to life,’ says Rowena of the stories in Unfolding Journeys (a collection by 52 authors on how they found their path to a more spiritual life). Rowena was one of ten narrators who auditioned for the female parts of the book. Feedback from authors was also moving (one said she cried with joy hearing her story being spoken out loud).

The aim of each team working on a production is to bring out the best in a manuscript, and reflects the engagement and fun we have in making these works shine.

Maria Issaris, Head of Audiobook Productions.

Note: Unfolding Journeys is in final stages of production and being uploaded to Audible soon!


Maria Issaris