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Bloodied and sweat-stained, you emerge from your writer's cave, thrilled to bits. Nothing quite compares with the sense of achievement you get after so much work - most of it by your solitary self. Now it's time to turn your book into an audiobook so that it can be accessed globally on Audible, Kobo and other audiobook platforms. 

How can you go about it, using Australian performers and engineering talent?
In a way that values your writing  journey? 


Welcome to audiobooksradio. This is (roughly) how we go about it. Each audiobook production focuses on the individual book and author. 

Mixer Keys


Before starting production, we work with you to establish your manuscript's specific character (tone,style, objectives). This will dictate the  approach we take throughout the whole project.


A project manager and a sound engineer are assigned to be your production team. Then we audition voice actors and shortlist those best suited to your story.

 Choosing your narrator is an intimate and exciting moment. You have the final say on who narrates your book, but we are there, providing any advice that might make your decision easier.


Throughout the whole of the production, your sound engineer will be fine-tuning your recording. They will edit and mix to ensure that the narrator's voice follows the script and reflects the tone and style of each chapter. 


The result will be a quality of audio that’s perfect to listen to. Your story is mastered in a format ready to upload and meets the standard required by ACX, the monitoring body that distributes audiobooks across international platforms.


Here it is -  you now have your audiobook production team assembled! 


Your project manager will take you through the process of managing the narration and engineering of your book. We have built systems specific to our audiobook production process, to make things easy for you.


This leaves you free to have creative control and to enjoy seeing/hearing your book come to life.


We care about where your book goes – and wherever possible. we will assist in cross-promotion. We have a growing tribe of collegiate websites and radio programs and we want Australian voices to be heard.

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