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Should Authors Narrate Their Own Audiobooks?

Updated: May 8

One of the first questions that many authors ask us is whether or not they should narrate their own books.

Our answer: IF you have an amazing voice - of course. We can provide you with all the facilities to do so in a way that will ensure it will reach global standards (and won’t get rejected....which oftentimes enthusiastic but less-

than-professional productions are. We do have a small catalogue of repair jobs we have carried out for sad authors left with a bunch of files…..).


Now - be honest. Do you have an amazing voice?

It is tempting to believe that we as writers are the only ones who really know the nuance of our book. Especially if its in the first person. (We are writers - we get it!) However, your book is meant to be read by others. An audiobook is ju

dged firstly and foremostly on the performer’s voice and expression of energy of the book. You may be a fabulous writer, but you may not be the best person to narrate your work!

And no, oftentimes it is not ‘saving money’. Unless you are an expert editor and have your own high quality studio, you will need the back up resources

of a producer, studio and editor….. which more than eats up the resources on a fabulous performer who embodies and energises your manuscript.

If you'd like to talk to us about turning your book into an audiobook,


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