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  • From Maria

  • Voice Performer Call-Out - The Art of Frugal Hedonism

  • 2023 in Audiobooks

  • audiobooksradio at Parliament House - Senior Stories Volume 9 Launch

  • Question of the Month: Can I Give an Audiobook as a Gift?

  • Production Updates

  • From Maria

  • Samuel Johnshon Narrates The Bowman Standard by Scott Wilson

  • Production Updates

  • Question of the Month: What Happens to the Files After My Audiobook is Finished?

  • From Maria

  • Audition Call-Out: Wholehearted

  • Question of the Month: What if you can't find the right voice for my audiobook?

  • Production Updates

  • From Maria

  • Call Out: In Language Narrators

  • Question of the Month: How involved can I be/do I need to be in the production of my audiobook?

  • Production Updates

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July Newsletter.png
  • From Maria: Auditions, New Books, and lots of Info for authors

  • Audition Reminder: Dr Karen Graham Books

  • Your Book is Your Legacy

  • Question of the Month: Should I Read My Own Book?

  • Production Updates

  • Buying Audible Books Without a Membership

  • Beat the Christmas Rush

February 20 2023.png
  • From Maria

  • Audition Call Out - Lillian's Eden

  • Question of the Month: “My project is more complicated than just the audiobook component. I’m inerested in working with you, but I’m stuck!”

  • Production Updates

  • Meet Atharv Kolhatkar: Urdu Narrator

  • From Maria

  • Voice Performer Call-Out - Russell: A Saga

  • Question of the Month: How long will it take to turn my book into an audiobook?

  • Production Updates

  • Lender's Rights Changes: Good News for Ebook and Audiobooks

May 2023.png
  • Rounding Out 2022 in Audiobooks

  • audiobooksradio at the Small Press Network Conference

  • Production Updates

  • Question of the Month: People we speak to often want to know more about the audiobook industry - specifically, how many people are listening and whether listenership is growing.

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November 2022.png
  • Welcome from Maria

  • Senior Stories Volume 8 Launch at Parliament House

  • Working With EBook Alchemy

  • Production Updates

  • Question of the Month: "I’ve just finished writing my manuscript. Now what? Should I be doing the audiobook at the same time as the print and ebook version?"

  • Who is Listening?

  • Our New Brochure!

  • Collaborations

  • Project Updates

  • Our Narrators Out and About

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August 2022.png
  • Narrator Call Out - Song Forge

  • Partnerships

  • Project Updates

  • Question of the Month: Where does my audiobook go?

  • Welcome to audiobooksradio

  • Maria Speaks to SelfPubAus

  • Project Updates

  • Narrator Updates

  • Question of the Month: How Long Does It Take to Get Onto Audible?

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