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  • What is an Audiobook?
    An audiobook is a set of audio files which comprise a high quality recorded audio version of your book, produced to meet the stringent standards international audiobook sales platforms such as Audible. Your finished audiobook package consists of all the audio files required to be able to upload your book onto every major audiboooks sales platform, internationally .
  • Who will narrate my story?
    Our narrators are skilled professionals who convey just the right tone and emotion to make for a genuinely engaging story. They control their voices to optimise recording quality and keep recording costs low by reducing takes and editing. We audition narrators to find the most suitable candidate depending on the tone, content and style of your book. We’ll consult you throughout the process and provide you with a shortlist of narrators to choose from; you get the final say as to who will voice your story. It is not recommended you narrate your own book, however we can accommodate this request. We will manage the process to ensure quality that would attract a higher cost for production and audio-engineering.
  • How disability-accessible will my book be?
    We can convert your audio-files to a format that is compatible with assistive devices, however this version is unable to be uploaded to most audiobook platforms. We can provide you the formatted file on a number of USB sticks.
  • How much does audiobook production cost?
    Every book is unique, so quotes will be individualised. We start at $1600 for pre-production aspects such as audition call-outs and assigning your production team. After that we work out the cost for each 10,000 words produced. There are some circumstances where additional costs may apply. This may include requiring more than one narrator or editing your work substantially to adapt to an audio version. Any additional fees will be discussed with you. We also offer additional paid service like creating marketing material showcasing the production of your book.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit?
    Yes, we require a 50% deposit before commencement. Your deposit initiates the audition process, and the setup of your production team.
  • Do I need to pay royalties on my finished audiobook?
    No! At audiobooks@radio you only pay for the production.
  • Is distribution included?
    Yes, once produced we can upload your book onto all global audiobook sales platforms including Australia. There is no additional cost, but third party distributors will take between 20-30% of royalties.

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