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About Us

Hello and welcome to audiobooks@radio 

In 2019, I was producing a radio program called New Voices and running a weekly writer’s group. Both forums showcased stories from talented emerging writers, yet beyond the two forums, there were few opportunities for the writers to have their stories heard. That didn’t seem right.

I had an idea - Audiobook production for independent publishers and authors. It is the greatest growing segment of the publishing sector. There’s been double digit growth for the past 12 years.  A story told to you in words that hits your ears, is the original form of storytelling. 


Yet I knew that individual authors and those from the small publishing sector, were finding audiobook production hard to access. How difficult could it be (was my thinking). 


I had been working in radio., particularly the disability sector of community radio, which has been producing audiobooks for over 20 years to make books accessible for those with vision impairments. Having spent most of the last decade working with this disability segment of community radio, and also in the publishing/writing/radio production world, I was keen/obsessed/determined to combine these experiences into the one offering. How difficult could it be (was my thinking)? It was plenty difficult. And wonderful in the culmination of it.

audiobooks@radio is that offering and the culmination. It has been designed to acknowledge and honour storytellers and storytelling. It offers cost-effective, absolutely high quality, global standard audiobooks for small publishers and individual authors.

We want listeners to have a profound experience when listening to an audiobook. Our talented narrators and audio engineers are an integral part of making the magic of a beautiful audio-listening story experience. 

We want stories to be disseminated on global platforms so that they may be shared as widely as possible. We care about stories – not royalties. audiobook@radio helps with delivery and cross‑promotion, but it does not collect royalties, nor charge any ongoing fees. 


We hope you will trust us with your story. 

Maria Issaris

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